Crime Prevention

In this assignment, you are to design a crime prevention strategy. Approximately 3 pages.Response includes:REF PAGE DOESN’TCOUNT AS ONE PAGE•    Brainstorming for new interventions.•    Searching for what other communities with similar problems have done.•    Choosing among the alternative interventions.•    Outlining a response plan and identifying responsible parties.•    Stating the specific objectives for the response plan.•    Carrying out the planned activities.Grading criteria/ check list-    Provide an informative title-    Restate your crime problem-    Design a crime prevention strategy (2 pts)-    Identify CJ and non-CJ partners for effective crime prevention (3 pts). Specify who’s doing what.Penalty-    Unclear or vague title (-1 pt)-    Re-state your chose crime problem. Penalty if missing (-1 pt)-    Missing a reference page (- 2 pts)-    Use of incorrect reference style (-1pt)-    Lacking citation (max – 3 pts).


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