Criminal Justice

Due Date: Thursday, December 10 by 11:59pmChoose from ONE of the topics/sections below. Then, pick ONE of the films/documentaries/podcasts listed under that topic and write a 4-page paper (with an addition of a 5th page for your references). In your paper, you will highlight which model of crime response is showcased (crime control or due process), and provide two (2) concepts from the course material that relate to your film/documentary/podcast. You will also identify areas of contention/differing opinions, provide your opinion/stance related to the topic, provide the alternative stance, and what facts support your opinion/stance. Your paper must be a critical and thoughtful reflection on the topics and must demonstrate that you took time to fully consider how the film/documentary/podcast relates to course material and how the issues discussed within it impact the criminal justice system. You will write this paper in a typical essay format, including an introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion (see template for more information).Finally, as you are required to use scholarly sources to support your opinions, you must cite these outside sources in your papers. Remember, when you reference materials that are not your own opinions or thoughts, you MUST include a citation of the source – otherwise, it is plagiarism. For instance, if you include a statement or quote from an internet site, you must cite this webpage in the text AND on the references list. The citations must follow the APA guidelines. The papers should include in-text citations and a brief reference list. If you are unfamiliar with APA formatting, please ask the instructor or the GTA; you should also refer to the numerous resources on Canvas and/or visit UMKC’s Writing Studio.Students will submit an electronic copy in the designated space on Canvas. Failure to submit an electronic copy will result in a grade of zero points for the assignment. For further information on how these papers will be graded, an electronic copy of the grading rubric will be available on Canvas.Topics/Sections:Law Enforcement:o PBS Policing thePolice: Outline Template:o Introduction: (1/2 page-1 page)o What is the name of the film/documentary/podcast? What is the film/documentary/podcast about?o Review: (1 page)o What are the main concepts related to the film/documentary/podcast? What are some examples of crime control or due process models within the film/documentary/podcast? What 2 concepts from our course material do you see present in the film/documentary/podcast? (Explain the concepts and how they are portrayed.)o Opinion: (1-1 1/2 pages)o What conflicts are present in the film/documentary/podcast? What is your opinion/stance on the topic? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your opinion/stance? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing opinion/stance? Provide (and cite) facts that support your opinion/stance.o Conclusion: (1/2 page-1 page)o What does the film/documentary/podcast accomplish? How does it tie into our class materials?


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