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Write a critique paper about the following:

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(1 page Total single spaced Time new roman font 12) ( Half page for the first three [about 1 paragraph each].. And halfe page for number 4) (500 words)


1- The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness book (pp 120-136)





2-Your Heroes Are Not Our Heroes (Artical)



3- EBSCO: Putting the Moccasin on the Other Foot (you baisicly just have to re-word the follwing in one paragh)


“The use of American Indian mascots or symbols for professional and collegiate sports teams has stirred considerable controversy in recent years because Native Americans in North America maintain that such symbols and mascots are stereotypical and dehumanizing. In 2002, an intramural basketball team in Colorado decided to change its name to the “Fighting Whites” as a parody of the name “Fighting Reds,” used by a nearby high school. This article analyzes the rhetorical nature of the “Fighting Whites” (or, as they also were known, “Fighting Whities”) short but meteoric journey in both print and electronic media.”



4- Overcoming Adversity (reecorded lecture) (halfe page)



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