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Current Event Instructions


1.      Find a current event article online regarding education. You can find this kind of report on any news website. If you don’t see a link for education news on the news website, search “education.” The current event must have taken place within the last year. The article you select is to be different from the articles your group members select. In order to avoid duplication, stake your claim in Group Discussion Board Forum 2. Below are some examples that might help you, but you are free to use other news sources. Click on the hyperlinks to go directly to the sites.




§  Education-specific news media




o   Education Week


o   Yahoo News: Education Page




§  TV news websites


o   CNN: Education Page


o   Fox News: Health & Education




§  Periodicals


o   Boston Globe: Education Page


o   New York Times: Education Page


o   USA Today: Education Page


o   US News & World Report: Education Page


o   Wall Street Journal: Education Page




2.      Write a 1-paragraph summary and a 1-paragraph critique of the current event (2 paragraphs total) with a minimum of 250 words per paragraph (500 words total).




3.      Insert the web address (URL) of the current event at the bottom of the assignment. 




4.      Include a current APA formatted cover page with your submission.






Current Event Grading Rubric






Points Possible


Instructor’s Comments

News article is a current event that has occurred within the last year.




Topic of the current event is relevant to the field of education.



The selected article does not duplicate any others already selected by classmates.



Summary paragraph clearly explains the relevant issues and events presented in the article and is a minimum of 250 words.



Critique paragraph evaluates the issues at hand, properly justifying all claims, and is a minimum of 250 words.



Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and current APA are correctly used.



Meets length requirement.


















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