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 Interview a curriculum leader in the field of education. This could be a building level leader, but you are strongly encouraged to contact a district leader. You need to thoughfully develop questions based on the class readings (articles and text) and develop a summary of the interview. If questions are not directly connected to course content (goals & literature), it will impact your grade. There are two parts to this assignment.


Part 1

Create 10-15 questions and align each of them to a specific course goal. Connect at least five questions to course literature (Text, Journal comparision article, journal presentation article) and cite your sources. Turn your questions in on Canvas.

Part 2

After you’ve conducted the interview, provide a written summary (<2 pages) of the interview. The summary should include:

An overall of your key takeaways to the interview. You don’t need to summarize the leaders response to each question. Instead, synthesize and organize under main themes from the interview. You should also submit the notes you took from the interview. They do not count against your page count. Be sure to take detailed notes!

You need to turn in three items for this assignment.

  1. Interview Questions
  2. Detailed notes from the interview
  3. Interview Summary

Course Goals-


This course aims to:

  1. Define curriculum in meaningful and relevant ways and explore implications of seeing curriculum from multiple perspectives.
  2. Understand the historical, social, and philosophical foundations of curriculum and how those foundations affect the school environment and the experiences students have within the school environment.
  3. Develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to see curriculum in complex ways and to support complex approaches to curriculum design and evaluation within schools.
  4. Identify and evaluate varied definitions of curriculum and explore the philosophical, social, and pedagogical implications of each
  5. Identify and critique theoretical assumptions that support and/or contradict practices regarding teaching and learning.
  6. Recognize the relationship between curriculum and instruction.
  7. Critique curriculum according to both personal beliefs and basic principles of curriculum development.
  8. Recognize historical, philosophical, social, and cultural influences on curriculum theory, development, and implementation, and respond to those influences.
  9. Recognize changes in state policies and how they influence curriculum
  10. Understand the process for curriculum evaluation at the school and system levels.

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