D- cs- the customer feedback loop (t2)



Need this by 19 Nov 2015 at 2300hrs EST(in at least 300 words)


Analyzing Analytics


Analytics are another tool the company can use if they are using efficient CRM software to aggregate the data generated across and between departments and the customer. Although analytics can be intimidating, by analyzing it in a step by step manner (see the Learning Activity tutorial), it becomes more enlightening and easier to understand.


The following analytics were provided to the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in the monthly department meeting.


The customer service manager has asked you to see if you can analyze the data and get back to him tomorrow as to how you might address the situation.


Here are the analytics provided (attached to original post) to the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) of a global department store. The company ran a website survey on Monday night through Thursday. After customers took the survey, they were entitled to a discount coupon on handbags downloadable from the company website.




  • Based on these analytics on the vertical axis in thousands, what tools were used by customers to spread the word on what days?

  • What would this tell the customer service department as to the best means of getting out the word on promotions for this company and why?

  • Why did sales not increase until later based on both of these charts?

  • How did the situation impact delivery?

  • How can the company use the feedback loop of customer service to address this situation?


Respond per your Syllabus guidelines.


Note: Analytics are referred to by many names including “big data”. It is a means of visually depicting quantitative information in a graphical or visual format. Analytics are measurable data used in innovative ways to create new insights or strategies. 


Reference: Barrett, M., Davidson, E. Prabhu, J. & Vargo, S. L. (2015, March). Service innovation in the digital age: Key contributors and future directions. MIS Quarterly [Special Issue], 39(1), 135–154. Retrieved from Business Source Complete.


You may use the following reference: Gibson, P. (06/2011). The World of Customer Service, 3e, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from http://kaplan.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781133708476/




Need this by 19 Nov 2015 at 2300hrs EST (in at least 300 words)


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