Data Collection Process

Brief: Using your own research objective OR one of the options given below:Write a report on the methodology amd data collection process for a given a research question.OPTION A: Examine the impact of a global crisis (such as the current pandemic) on graduate choices/trajectories.OPTION B: How does a company’s induction process influence newcomers. Your report must fulfil each of the following requirements:1)    Describe your specific/chosen research objective (c. 200-250 words)(2)    Describe and justify your research methodology (c. 500 words)•    What are the ontological & epistemological assumptions underlying your research design•    Why are they appropriate to your research(3) Describe the potential data collection method (c. 500 words)•    How you will collect the data•    How you will build your sample•    Justify the suitability of this particular sample to yourresearch•    Assess the practicality of having access to your target sampleo    how you will get access to it(4) Design your data collection tool: (c. 500 words)•    If using qualitative data, draft relevant interview questionso    diary, unstructured -> provide overview•    If using quantitative data, draft relevant surveys.


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