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Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses prior to beginning any project can help you efficiently move from start to stop. Taking this inventory at the onset of a college course is particularly helpful because you can allocate more time to areas of need and quickly review pre-mastered concepts. For this discussion, you will do just that—forecast your journey. Start by opening each topic section in the course to gather a basic idea of the lessons to come. Then, please compile a brief, three-paragraph essay that explains areas where you see yourself excelling, and areas where you plan to dedicate more time. You do not need an introduction paragraph with thesis statement or conclusion paragraph for this assignment, but you should keep each paragraph well-focused and ensure the entire paper smoothly traverses ideas from the beginning to the end. Remember, a well-developed paragraph is at least 5 to 10 explanatory sentences.

Consider questions such as the following: What did you learn in English Composition I that you will apply in this course? Conversely, where did you struggle in ENG 101 that might make certain topics difficult in this class? Are you particularly worried about any of the concepts or materials in the course? If yes, how do you plan to overcome them? If you feel well prepared overall, how do you plan to challenge yourself? 

Please use double-spacing, and include a standard header with your Name, Course, Assignment, and Date. 

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