Definition paper about “trust” ( no palgiarism please)

Definition Essay (2-3 pages)
For this essay, you will choose a word that has an ambiguous meaning and describe it.
1. Choose a word to define. When writing a definition essay, one of the first and most important things you will do is choose a word that has a complex and subjective meaning. This means that even though you could probably look up the word in the dictionary, it would need further elaboration for someone to effectively grasp the meaning of it. Instead of choosing a word that has only a concrete meaning (ie. coat or candy), you should choose a word to define that has an abstract meaning (ie. honor or valor).  When you choose a word, you may want to come up with several possibilities and then narrow it down. Try free writing about the word you’ve chosen. If you find that you’re unable to think of much to say about what you’ve chosen, you can choose a new word to define instead.
2. Present a clearly stated, basic definition of the word (that is not copied form the dictionary). This basic definition of the word that you choose will serve as your thesis for the essay. The rest of your essay will support the definition you’ve decided on.
3. Ensure that the word has a deeper meaning and brainstorm how you’d like to elaborate. Defining the word means looking at the actual definition for help, but it also means using your own experiences and understanding to help communicate that definition. You can use personal/ impersonal anecdotes, examples, illustrations, and details to help clarify the meaning for your reader.
( 2 sources at least )

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