Democracy in the US Discussion

For this entry, you need to read, “A deeper dive into ‘Should the US be considered a democracy?” which I wrote after reading your responses to the original discussion. Next, I want you to carefully consider the KEY evidence provided by the narrator (i.e., the study by GIllens and Page) and respond to the following two-part question: First, in your opinion, is the evidence presented by the narrator sufficient to support the argument that the US is not a democracy, but is, instead, an oligarchy? Second, whether you think the evidence is sufficient or not, do you think the narrator’s conclusion that our votes are, therefore, meaningless is warranted? On this second question, I want you to adopt a critical view. This doesn’t mean that you must disagree with the narrator; rather it means, I don’t want you to automatically accept his conclusion. Think carefully about the logic of his argument. Make sure your response clearly reflects the points made in the video and in my follow up analysis.


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