Design a training plan using the addie model


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Design  a training plan using the ADDIE Model described below. In this plan you  will train your employees on a new piece of equipment. Your paper must  include an overview, and detailed information for each step in the ADDIE  model.

The  ADDIE Model is the most commonly used approaches to help plan an  effective training in the workplace. There are 5 steps to the ADDIE  Model: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.

Your plan should include the following:

Overview – what is your business? what is the new equipment you will be training?


Analyze   – how will the new equipment be used? what knowledge, skills, and  abilities are needed to use the equipment? will all employees use it, or  only a few? is it similar to any equipment you currently use?


Design – what are the specific objectives of  this training plan? how long will it be? will you use any alternate  delivery systems (video, online, etc) to prepare learners, or to follow  up? who will do the training?


Develop  –  what sorts of materials will you need? lesson plans? workbooks or  handouts? training aids? evaluation instruments (tests, questionnaires,  etc)?


Implement –  how will you conduct training to ensure your employees learn? take time  away from job, or outside work hours, paying overtime? voluntary or  mandatory? will you offer incentives?


Evaluate – evaluation should include how you will measure training – how will you know the training is effective.


Write a thorough training plan, addressing each area of the ADDIE plan, to help your employees to learn the new equipment.

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