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For this Question, you will analyze the following case study concerning development and fundraising in higher education. 

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Review the case study description and craft a 5-page response (plus title and reference pages) in which you address the situation described in the case study, applying concepts from the literature.

Case Study

The Development Plan

You have been hired as vice president of development at a small religious college in the Northeast. The college is over 75 years old, with a solid academic reputation and a large, supportive alumni base. However, fundraising has never been a high priority at the college. The institution receives about $200k per year in private donations and its endowment fund has a market value of $10 million. Your mission is to build a development staff as well as a fundraising plan to support the growth and challenges facing the college over the next 20 years.

Create a development plan to address short-term and long-term strategies. Include the following:

  • Identify the positions you want in your development area.      
    • Which two positions would you would recruit first? Why?
  • Specify how you intend to make immediate improvements in the annual fundraising program.      
    • What is your goal for growing the $200K annual giving?
  • Set a long-term goal to grow the endowment fund.      
    • How did you determine this amount?
  • Identify the first two initiatives you will execute to convince the alumni to support your fundraising effort and increase their contributions to the college. 
  • Explain technological and nontechnological ways to approach alumni and encourage them to contribute or increase their contributions to the college.

Additional Requirements

  • Follow APA writing standards.
  • Include a bibliography with at least four professional references.

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