Developmental Disabilities

Career Internet Research1. List three (3) agencies/organizations with offices in Onondaga County (or your home County that provide supports for persons with a disability. Make sure they are agencies or organizations,not programs.   Choose three (3) different general disability areas. For example, Mental Health, DevelopmentalDisabilities, Mobility Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Visual or Auditory etc.. For each organization, identify the target population. (e.g.) Who do they provide services for? (hint: There may be more than one.  “All disabilities” is not anacceptable response.) What are the types of services provided?List at least three (3) job titles/positions available at each agency/organization and what theminimum education and experience requirements are for the jobs/positions.Based on your research, which agency/organization interests you most? What job or position would you like to have?What additional education or development will you need, to apply for that position/job?


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