Developmental Psychology

Watch a number(2-3) of children′s television programs, such as Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, or cartoons.  Count the number of aggressive incidents and the number of pro-social events that occur.  Describe incidents and compare the shows. Which shows have the most aggression and which the most pro-social content?  How would a pre-school age child likely be affected by each show?The paper should include your data, a discussion of your findings and an integration of relevant material from the chapter in our textbooks.  Please document your sources APA style (reference in text and list of references at end of paper)!  The paper should be 6-7 pages long, well written and typed.Chapter 10 of textbook as a reference : Lightfoot C., Cole, M.  & Cole, S. (2018). The development of children, 8th ed. New York: Worth


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