Developmental Tasks and Challenges of Middle and Late Adulthood

Assignment: Develop a Speech on the Developmental Tasks and Challenges of Middle and Late Adulthood   Previous   Next   Instructions For this task, imagine that you were asked to speak to your local civic group about the developmental challenges facing adults in their middle and late adulthood. In your speech make sure to address:  Physical and cognitive changes and challenges in middle and late adulthood. Socio-emotional changes in middle and late adulthood. Then, select one additional topic from the list below for a total of three topics to be covered in your speech: The role of spirituality and religion in middle and late adulthood. The empty nest and its refills. Benefits and detriments of retirement Caring for aging parents. Dealing with grief and mourning in middle and late adulthood  Submit a written transcript of your speech, including a list of references of at least five scholarly sources. You may also submit an audio version of your speech but are not required to do so. In an effort to make your lecture engaging, you may depart from usual writing form and organization and choose to use anecdotes, humor, or other speaking tools; however, be sure to cite your sources appropriately in the print version of the lecture that you submit.  Length: 3-5 pages written transcript


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