difference of the two teaching methods

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Find the 99% confidence interval for the population difference of the two teaching methods. Explain how these confidence intervals confirm the results of the t-test conducted in SPSS.Paired Samples CorrelationsNCorrelationSig.Pair 1Teaching Method & (New)Teaching Method8.546.162Paired Samples StatisticsMeanNStd. DeviationStd. Error MeanPair 1Teaching Method76.88810.2743.632(New)Teaching Method85.38811.5504.084Paired Samples TestPaired DifferencestdfSig. (2-tailed)MeanStd. DeviationStd. Error Mean99% Confidence Interval of the DifferenceLowerUpperPair 1Teaching Method – (New)Teaching Method-8.50010.4613.698-21.4434.443-2.2987.055A group of 30 participants is divided in half based on their self-rating of the vividness of their visual imagery. Each participant is tested on how many colors of objects he or she can correctly recall from a briefly seen display. What are some of the limitations that prevent you from concluding that the visual imagerycausesimproved color recall in this type of experiment?Group StatisticsVisual ImageryNMeanStd. DeviationStd. Error MeanRecall of colorsVivid1512.534.5961.187Less Vivid158.134.0151.037Independent Samples TestLevene’s Test for Equality of Variancest-test for Equality of MeansFSig.tdfSig. (2-tailed)Mean DifferenceStd. Error Difference99% Confidence Interval of the DifferenceLowerUpperRecall of colorsEqual variances assumed.479.4952.79228.0094.4001.576.0468.754Equal variances not assumed2.79227.504.0094.4001.576.0408.760

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difference of the two teaching methods
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