Digestive System Disease

Exotoxins are critical to the signs and symptoms suffered in many diseases of both the digestive and nervous system.  You will compare and contrast the role of exotoxins (often termed neurotoxins) in at least one nervous system disease which is tetanus OR botulism and one digestive system disease (may not be either Clostridium botulinum nor Clostridium difficile)  to fully explore their role in disease. Realize that exotoxins in GI diseases are often termed enterotoxins). Most important is how the action of the toxin on the body/cells leads to the specific symptoms of that disease?  How does the toxin gain entry into the target cells? What does it do to them? Are there similarities between how the toxins work or differences? In general how are these diseases acquired? How are they treated?  Be specific, be detailed, include citations and references.


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