Disadvantages of Separatism

As you watch this film, consider the following questions that we will be discussing.  Please make clear which question you are addressing and address all parts of the question.:What disparities do you still see in your community today? Do you believe the wealth gap will go away if we ignore race?Think about the phrase ‘melting pot.’ What does it imply? If this does not appropriately describe the US, whatphrase might better describe the relationship between the various peoples in the US?Discuss separatism in housing. Should government actively promote housing integration on the basis of ethnicity/race/class? What are the advantages or disadvantages of separatism?Is a post-racial ‘color blind’ America the solution? Who benefits from a color blind approach and who does not? How is colorblind different from equality?link: http://newsreel.org/transcripts/race3.htm


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