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Location and Quality Control Please respond to the following:

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Identify three (3) factors you would recommend be used to select a location for a business in order to provide it with a competitive advantage. Next, select a location, and state the reasons that support your site selection. (If you envision this business being online only, then identify a temporary, pop-up site that will help this business enter a new market.)

You want to adopt a program to improve quality and efficiency within a company. Analyze four (4) quality control tools (Lean Principles, 5S Principles, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management). Next, discuss which tool you would select to implement into a business. Justify your response.

Fraudulent Financial Reporting

As economic crimes increase globally, accounting fraud is consistently in the top three areas according to a global survey reflected in the chapter. Use the Internet or Library to research a company sanctioned for financial accounting fraud in the past five (5) years. Give your opinion on the situational pressures that caused perpetrators to commit the fraudulent reporting. Assess the opportunities for fraudulent financial reporting and discuss ways the company you researched could eliminate fraudulent reporting. Provide justification for your response.

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