Discrimination model of supervision and applying it to a case study

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•Review Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations, and the articles, focusing on the discrimination model of supervision. Think about the supervisory skills found in the discrimination model and how they are relevant to the supervisor’s role.


•Read the “Supervision Case Study’ document located in the Learning Resources. Think about how, in each of the supervisory roles of the discrimination model, you would approach the supervisee, Michael. Reflect on the supervisory skills that would be most relevant to each supervisory role for this case.


Use the following reference for help, or you may use other resources as long as cited.




The Assignment (2–3 pages) not including title and reference page


  • Using the discrimination model by (Benard), explain how you would apply each of the supervisory roles in your approach with Michael, the supervisee in the case study. (See attached case study)


Here are the supervisory roles that are in “ ”


For example, psychologist Janine M. Bernard, PhD, of Syracuse University developed a discrimination model to supervision, which combines the supervisor role as “teacher” when the supervisor is instructing a trainee, “counselor” when assisting trainees in working with client problems, or “consultant” when working with trainees on patient cases.


  • For each supervisor role in the discrimination model, describe one skill that is most relevant to the role and justify your response.

  • Explain the supervisor’s role and skill set as explained in the discrimination model of supervision. Be specific to the case and provide examples.
















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