Discussion 2.1: best short-short story summary

Begin by consulting the directions for completing Assignment 1 in the Unit 2 Portfolio Instructions. Nominate one of the short-short stories from the list below as the “best.” This discussion will help you create your argument for your Best Short-Short story nomination.

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Short-Short Story Choices to Nominate:

“Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros (88)

“Neighbors” by Raymond Carver (137)

“What I Have Been Doing Lately” by Jamaica Kincaid (146)

State your chosen ‘best” short-short story title and author in a thesis statement that tells us why this is the best short-short story.  (Example: “Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros is the best short-short story on the list because…”)  Then provide an argument that supports your thesis. You will need to use two or three elements of fiction in your reasoning to justify why this short-short story is the best (plot, setting, character, point of view, style, theme).

Be sure to comment on and debate other peers’ nominations. 

Post one original post, and reply to at least two of your classmates.  See Grading and Evaluation: Discussions in the Syllabus for grading information.

This discussion is student-led.  I will keep my participation to a minimum, focusing on assisting you with writing a finely-tuned thesis statement.

Hi, Class. I’m really excited to read your responses this week.

Please don’t forget to share your thesis statement. Remember that your thesis statement is your unique, personal perspective on the work. You’ll create a lens through which the rest of us can view the work. When we look through your lens (read your thesis and essay) we will be able (through the magic of writing) to read the story through your eyes.

It’s always a difficult task to generate a strong thesis statement. It can be a bit stressful as we are committing to a specific perspective, but trust me in that your reader will see it as a treat. Through your thesis you will be offering readers that magical ability to see through your unique viewpoint.

If you have any questions about this, or need any assistance, please do reach out as I love to hear from students and give a helping hand.


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