Discussion board reply (ethics) | Social Science homework help



Reply: After reading your classmates’ threads, choose one to which  you will respond, then write a reply that interacts with your  classmate’s thread and presents a well-reasoned alternative to his or  her approach to the issue. You do not have to defend a position that is  diametrically opposed to your classmate’s position, but you do need to  either defend a position that is significantly different from his/hers  or defend the same position in a very different way. If possible, you  must reply to a classmate to whom no one else has yet replied. 

The goal of this is to help your classmate to improve his or her  theory, so make your criticisms constructive. Be charitable – don’t  assume that your classmate is making stupid mistakes, but instead where  multiple interpretations are possible, assume that you classmate meant  whichever interpretation would make more sense. However, don’t hesitate  to point out disputable assumptions, faulty arguments, and alternative  possibilities if you are convinced that they exist. In short, criticize  politely.

 Your reply must be 500–600 words.

  Any quotes or information used from sources other than yourself  (including your classmate’s thread) must be cited using footnotes in  current Turabian format and will not count towards the total word count

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