Discussion – effective training? you decide

For this discussion, choose an example of training. You can select either the video in the lecture What Makes Good Training? or another training video on the web. Try to select a video that is less than 5 minutes long; however, but if the video you want to use for this discussion is longer than that, identify the 4-minute segment you want to evaluate.

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For your initial post: Explain if the training is effective or not effective. Be sure to give details to support your argument. If you selected a video on the web, provide the link so your classmates can watch it. If the video is longer than 4 minutes, identify the segment they should view.

For your reply post: Choose a classmate’s argument that you disagree with, and provide details to support your opinion of that training. If you cannot find an argument you disagree with, then select a classmate’s video and point out other elements that make that training effective or ineffective.






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