Discussion forum 4.2: revision | English homework help

1) Revise and edit at least one paragraph (and up to the entire paper). Revision means “re-seeing” the content: choosing new words, rephrasing phrases and sentences; replacing old content and/or adding support, context, or detail to existing content; and correcting any errors on the original draft, from spelling/punctuation and grammatical errors to quotation/citation issues. Post your original paragraph(s) first, followed by your revision of that same passage. 


2) Address at least 3 of the questions below in your main forum post, underneath your revised paragraph: 

  • What was your biggest weakness in the original passage? Does your revised version address this issue? 
  • What resources, such as books or web pages, did you find useful while attempting your revision?
  • What aspects of the revision process did you find most interesting and/or challenging?
  • What did you learn from the revision process? Do you think that future papers would benefit from applying the revision process before submission? 

Remember: All textual references (quotes, paraphrases) should be cited in MLA format (in-text citations and Works Cited). 

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