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Discussion: Funding Sources


Resource Development


DUE by Friday APA FORMAT 1-2 Pages 6/12/15 By 11pm New York Time Please use at least 2 of The Links and or resources in Citations and Referecne List



Post a brief description of two funding sources you compared in the Application Assignment this week. Then explain how they are similar and different, noting the strengths, limitations, and challenges of each. Finally, describe at least one conclusion you drew or insight you gained about funding sources as a result of your comparison.



Learning Resources

This portion of the page contains the Learning Resources for this Assignments Development, Citations and In-Text referencing. USE THEM PLREASE.




Actual Citation: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009). Resource development: Funding sources. Baltimore: Author. YOUTUBE LINK TO RESOURCE: http://youtu.be/URrYkwDURCQ

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