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Ch. 11 Discussion 

Pick 2 of the 4 headings/questions and write some commentary about it.

Then responded to 1-2 other students and or ask me a direct question. 

  1. Mongol Empire 

            Conquest of East and West

            Mongol Army-what tactics did they employ?

How did they affect trade with Europe and the East?

  1. Ottoman Empire-Rises 

            Slavery in Islam –What types and why?

                        Janissaries –purpose of?

                        What was the “paradox” of slavery in Ottoman Empire?

  1. How does the book describe African slavery in the context of the overall history of slavery?

            Was it different from before, if so how? 

            Who controls the slave trade inside Africa?

  1. Spanish Empire

            Conquest of the Americas

                        How was this possible with so few men?

                         Gold and Inflation? How does this affect Spain?

4b. How did Spain and Portugal fall from power?

How does Piracy, Privateering, and Smuggling tie into this?

                        How did these affect the New World Empires?

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