Discussion question 150 words minimum, at least 1 citation apa style

Refer to the two studies you addressed in the second discussion question in Topic 1. What data collection methods, instruments, samples, or settings were NOT used? Why do you believe the researchers chose to avoid these methods, instruments, samples, or settings? What potential gaps do these omissions create? What specific gaps did the researcher identify as recommendations for future studies? How does this information inform your dissertation study?

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Empirical study 1: 


Munir, F. & Aboidullah, M. (2018). Gender Differences in Transformational Leadership Behaviors of School Principals and Teachers’ Academic Effectiveness. Bulletin of Education & Research, 40(1), 99–113.



Empirical study 2:


Guillemin, M., & Gillam, L. (2004). Ethics, Reflexivity, and “Ethically Important Moments” in Research. Qualitative Inquiry, 10(2), 261–280.



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