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In the crime and control model it is theorized that this type of justice system there is an equal amount of resources that are dedicated to the different stages of a criminal process. In Professor Packer’s explanation he compared this system to an assembly line of the justice system. With different stations that workers puts the same amount of work into it till it reaches the end of the line. For this model to work it has to produce a high rate of apprehension and conviction. In this model the investigation period and the prosecution period are given a lot of freedom to track down the offenders and prosecute them. The Due process model is the opposite of the crime and control as if one is the assembly line which is order and neat. Due process is an obstacle course filled with different challenges. In the due process model the rights of the accused are protected at all cost and the burden is place on the prosecution not the offender. This model put an emphasis on the possibility of human error. So in lame man’s terms this model puts the system on trial not the offender.

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Packer, H. L. (1964). Two Models of the Criminal Process. University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 113(1), 1. doi:10.2307/3310562

2. The text book states that the United States and England are operating       primarily on the Due Process model (Terrill, 2013).


3.The text book states that the French operate on the Due Process model (Terrill, 2013).


Terrill, R. J. (2013). World criminal justice systems: A comparative survey(8th ed.). Waltham, MA: Anderson Pub.

4. As a law enforcement officer for now almost twenty years I see the merits of both. I have worked in a city that for the foremost is pretty liberal. To choose one the Crime and control model would work the best if the error of humans and politics would stay out of it. In that statement I have seen how some people get different treatment in the criminal justice system than others. Factors that influence these treatments are social, economics, race, sex and educational levels of the offenders. In its purest form the Crime and Control model would eliminate these prejudice factors if applied properly. I think that this model is also the conservative approach to the justice system and it will work the best for all parties involves the victims, tax payers and offenders.




2)  Professor Herbert Packard’s models are very important in the criminal justice world. The Crime Control Model is more conservative and for this model to work effectively it relies on a high rate of apprehension and conviction. With this model Professor Packard compares it to an assembly line, the criminal process, in this model, is seen as a screening process in which each successive state pre-arrest investigation, arrest, post-arrest investigation, preparation for trial, trial or entry of plea, conviction, disposition–involves a series of routinized operations whose success is gauged primarily by their tendency to pass the case along to a successful conclusion (Packard).

The Due Process Model is considered more of a liberal approach. This is completely opposite of Crime Control Model.  In an article by cliff notes it states that the criminal justice should concentrate on defendants’ rights, not victims’ rights, because the Bill of Rights expressly provides for the protection of defendants’ rights.

2. According to our text England and US are influenced and still use the Due Process Model

3. France operates under the Due Process Model

4.  I think that there are pros and cons to both of these. If I had to choose I would choose the Crime Control Model. With this model over the years the powers that police once had, have slowly gone away. It seems like police officers are being held back due to various reasons. I know that there are police officers that do bad things that make the rest of us look bad, but overall I do think that there are officers that are here to do a good job and try make people feel safe. It seems that within the last few years the criminal justice system has shifted to the Due Process Model where police powers have been restricted. By doing this, people have looked at police officers in negative light when something does happen. They are accused of violating people’s rights. We as police officers are the first line of defense, no matter what time day or night we are the ones running to help the very same people that look at us negatively. When there is a problem they call us for help.



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