Disscussion question | English homework help

topic 1: Dangling modifier is another common mistakes that do arises in our writing. Taking a second look on these examples has reminds me of those errors. If this is not done properly, it would not make the writing effective. For example:” Jogging across the field, a horse went galloping by.” ” As I was jogging across the field, a horse went galloping by.” Learning how to connect two sentences together will help to make my essay writing more refined.



topic 2:These are excellent strategies. Giving examples and descriptions helps to make statistics more concrete. I might also add that once one has gathered the evidence for one’s research, it is helpful to readers to identify patterns in the evidence and to show readers relationships between the types of evidence, such as cause and effect, a description of a current situation and possible means of resolution, and the writer can also state a new interpretation of the evidence that other experts haven’t considered before. These are all methods to help readers to understand why the evidence is important to one’s claim in the thesis.


topic3:In my opinion, when write a quote or a paraphrase I try to give my own incite on the same information that was quoted or paraphrased. If you are not careful you will end up with a lot of information that your readers do not know how you actually feel about what you are writing. You also do not want to much opinion, but as equal as possible.

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