Drinking Age In The US

-Write a thesis-driven, well-developed, well-organized 10-12 paragraph essay, about a social injustice of your choice.-Perform research, analysis, support, present unbiased counterarguments, refutation, concession, and insightful conclusion with concrete call to actions.-Apply 1 critical lens (critical theory) to support your thesis / main claim.-Provide at least 4-5 sources of pro-argument (supports your thesis).-Provide at least 3 sources of counterargument (disagrees with your thesis).Identify and fix at least 1 logical fallacy from each of your counterarguments.Identify and fix at least 1 ineffective (weak) rhetorical device from each of your counterarguments.-Each  body paragraph should have a different purpose and function to support your thesis. -Don’t focus on page count. Focus on generating meaningful content.-Each body paragraph should contain 2 pieces of textual evidence to support your thesis statement.-The essay must have MLA format; MLA in-text citation, and MLA “Works Cited” page.-The essay must be typed in Times New Roman font 12; double-spaced; 1 inch margins all around.-Use active voice instead of passive voice.-Use 3rd person pronouns only. Do not use 2nd person pronouns = do not use “you” or “your” in your entire essay. Do not use 1st person singular or 1st person collective pronouns = do not use “I, my, me, we, our, us” in your entire essay.-The essay must have a total of at least 8 credible/scholarly sources. A credible source (Links to an external site.)  must be peer reviewed; come from a scholarly or academic journal; must have an author and date of publication; must have their own Works Cited or References or Bibliography pages; must be from ; ; ; .-Appropriate format and citations-Keep turnitin.com “quoting matches” below 20%. “Quoting matches” above 30% without a strong thesis = in danger of a failing grade.ESSAY FORMAT


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