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Beginning direct  materials is $100,000 and$ 200,000 materials are $500,000. How many direct materials were used in production?

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a) 120,000

B) 170,000

C) 70,00

D) 50,000


If a company manufactured 10,000 units at a cost of $70,000 they sold 8,000 units for $10 each. What is the gross margin?

a) $80,0

b) $170,000

c) $70,000

D) 50,000


Cash paid to purchase equipment is

a) A financing activity

b) Intresting activity

c) a non cash activity

d) an operating activity


On the statenment of cash flow, paying dividends is

a) A financing activity

b) an investing activity

c) a non-cash activity

d) an operating activity


A lender wants to know if they can collect on their cash loans. A cash flow statement for the company owing the money will help the lender to perdict all except

a) the ability to pay debts and dividends

b) future cash flows

c) management decisions

d) an operating activity


The cash flow statement is the communicating link between the

a) statemnet of stockholders’ equity and the cash reported on the balance sheet

b) income statement and the statemnet of retained earnings

c) Cash reported on the balance sheet and the accurual based income statement

d) cash reported on the balance sheet and the statement of goods purchased


Which of the following is not a part of operating activities?

a) paying dividends

b) paying payables

c) earnings revenue

d) paying utilities


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