Due tomorrow at 6pm central please read the instruction carefully

Resource: Leadership Style Survey in Ch. 10 of Organizational Behavior in Health Care

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Create a personal philosophy of leadership. Address what role you feel a health care leader should play, what leadership theory they should follow, and why leaders should follow that theory. Heading Role of the Health Care Leader


Describe your current sphere of influence. Explain how you are a leader in your current position and how you apply the philosophy you described in this capacity. I posted instruction related to Sphere of Influence in the  “Discussion on Activity for this assignment.  Use:  Heading: Sphere of Influence.


Address how you envision the use of informal, formal, positive, and negative power as it applies to your personal philosophy of leadership.  Heading: Uses of Power – Be sure to give an introduction/definition of power then break out paragraphs (Informal power is.  . . . .)  or separate Level 2 headings for informal, formal, positive, and negative power. Review Level 1 & 2 APA headings in APA Tips and Sample Paper in Announcements. 


Complete the “Leadership Style Survey” at the end of Ch. 10 of Organizational Behavior in Health Care. Discuss your results and how they support your personal philosophy of leadership. Heading: Leadership Style Survey


Include: An introduction that identifies what will be discussed in the paper.  Ex: The author will discuss. . . . , Ex: Highlighted points of this paper will be. . . .  etc.  

Include: A conclusion that refocuses the reader by restating the major points of the paper.  Remember  – New information should not be included in a conclusion. 


Compile your analysis in a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper.


Format your paper consistent with APA 6th Edition guidelines. Use headings to identify each of the requirements above. See examples above.   Review the APA Tips and Sample APA Paper in Announcements.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

References – All references are required to be cited within the text.  All citations are required to be referenced on the reference page. 


Turnitin/ Plagiarism Report is required.  Copy and past the Turnitin/Plagiarism  Report in its entirety after the references.  Do not submit it as a separate document.  I recommend turning your paper into the Turnitin/Plagiarism before Monday or early Monday because of the program gets very busy with papers being turned in. 

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