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Deliverable 3 – Leveraging Technology for HRM Strategy


Critique Human Resources initiatives and their influence on effective organizational performance.


You are the director of HR information systems and analytics of a publicly-traded organization. Your current HR information systems (HRIS) are outdated and can no longer be supported by the vendors. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the implementation of a new system or systems. Before you can begin the request for proposal process from vendors, you have been tasked by the VP of HR to research and identify a short-list of appropriate technologies that would support the types of transactional, traditional, and transformational HR activities currently in place in the organization.


In order to prepare the requested short-list for the VP of HR, research one specific technology application and prepare an executive summary advising organizational leadership how this technology could be leveraged to improve effectiveness in traditional and transformational HR activities. The executive summary should include:

  • An overview of the vendor company (e.g. reputation, major clients, time in business, etc.)
  • Which HR traditional activities must be built into the functionality of the application
  • Which transformational HR activities must be built into the functionality of the application
  • How the technology application can provide data and reporting on the activities you have specified and to whom (e.g. internal customers) this data can be accessible

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