Easy answer question only case study based on chapter 7 …

I have include the file which is not the best was from a book. the question only have to be complete sentences and gramtically correct. on the case study 

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Easy answer question only case study based on chapter 7 …
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This is a very simple assignment nothing tedious, no number count, references, pages,.. no graphs. I have posted the directions below. if you write back give me a time frame of when I can expect this back. This is very easy I just am busy. 


Please read Chapter 7 of the Buchbinder text (Introduction to Health Care Management). This chapter deals with Quality Improvement Basics, which is a nice tie in with Chapter 12 of the Shi text (Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System). 

After reading Chapter 7, turn to pp. 419-421 of the Buchbinder text and read the case “Madison Community Hospital Addresses Infection Control Prevention-Case for Chapter 7.” 

Using the information read in the chapter, prepare a Microsoft WORD document and address questions 1-10 (pp.420-421). Each question is worth 10 points each. For question #4, you do NOT need to develop a flowchart, but you should discuss the possible areas of noncompliance and the factors contributing to the issue.

Make sure the document contains complete thoughts/sentences and is free from grammatical and spelling errors. Points will be deducted.


These are the requirements nothing hard very simple work. How long before I could expect it back


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