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ECN 5450 Term Paper

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Minimum 8 pages

APA format

Topic: choose one from the following:

Social Security, Distribution of Income, Progressive Taxation, Health-Care, etc.



The structure of the Public Finance Topical Research Paper is outlined below:


I.                   Summary Analysis


The student will summarize the major points of the topic. (1-2 pgs.)


II.                Historical Development


The student will outline the historical development of the general topic, e.g., early history and development of Social Security, etc. (1-2 pgs,)


III.             Topic Analysis


Each student will select a sub-topic contained within the topic and research/analyze it. The student is to use his/her research skills to identify advantages, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for the identified public policy. (3-4 ppgs.)


IV.             Importance of Topic


The student will describe the importance and enduring legacy of the selected topic within the discipline of public finance. (1-2 pgs.)


 Note: Footnotes/endnotes (at least 10) and a bibliography must be part of your research paper.

They are not, however, counted as part of the paper. Students who are uncertain about

writing a research paper should consult the classic work,The Modern Researcher, by

Jacques Barzun and Henry F. Graff.Sixth Edition, 2004.


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