Ecosystem Health

Instructions: Be sure to answer all parts of each question and respond in your own words. Your response should not be mostly quoting from other sources. Please provide a reference or works cited page for any references or citations you use throughout this written assignment. Expected word counts are provided for each question.Question: We discussed the connections among human health, animal health, and ecosystem health (i.e., One Health)– in infectious, COVID-19 , and environmentalDescribe how human health is impacted by animal health. (Length: approximately 150 words)Describe how animal health is impacted by ecosystem health. (Length: approximately 150 words)Describe how human health, animal health, and ecosystem health all converge to impact overall public health. Provide at least one example of a public health issue that is affected by animal and ecosystem health at the population level. Remember to connect your answer to a population or community health level outcome relevant to public health, not just individual health as discussed in Questions 1 and 2. (Length: approximately 150 words)To help with your response, here are some additional resources on One Health: PLEASE USE THESE!!CDC page on One Health: page on One Health: Health Commission:


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