Edu 510 week 1 discussion 1 – educational assessment

         From the e-Activity, suggest at least two (2) types of pressure that you believe teachers and administrators face in terms of accountability to others and meeting high-stakes assessment measures as described in Chapter 1. Provide a rationale for your response. Select a specific lesson related to any subject that either you have taught or would like to teach in the future. Examine the decisions that you believe you would need to make before teaching the lesson in order to successfully meet the appropriate learning targets and assessment measures. Justify your response.

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            E-Activity Watch the video titled “Dozens Indicte in Atlanta Cheating Scandal” (3 min 01 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: Gutierrez, G. (Reporter), & Holt, L. (Anchor). (2013, March 30). Dozens Indicted in Atlanta Cheating Scandal [Video file]. Click here to view the video.


Course Title is : Educational Assessment Book Title: Nitko, A. J., & Brookhart, S. M. (2011). Educational assessment of students (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing.

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