Edu 540 module 2 coursework


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Based on the background readings, especially Popham (2009), write an original post that answers this question: What is the relationship between curriculum and instructional design?

Module 2 Case

 Select two of the instructional design models from the background readings (ADDIE, ARCS, Assure, Backward Design, Dick & Carey, or Kemp) and write a 3- to 4-page paper that compares/contrasts the two models.  Conclude your paper with a discussion of which model you believe to be superior for meeting the needs of diverse learners, and justify your opinion with information from the background readings or other relevant sources. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting for your paper and citations. 

Module 2 SLP


For your Module 2 SLP, you are building on the curriculum discussion and analysis you started in Module 1. It is recommended that you read the prompt for all four SLPs before beginning your Module 2 SLP.

In Module 2, you will select one of the instructional design models from this module and apply it to your chosen curriculum. Write a 3- to 5-page paper that includes a thorough discussion of all steps in your selected instructional design model with examples of what each step looks like when applied to the instructional aspects of your chosen curriculum. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting for your paper and citations.

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