Edu 659 week 4 assignment

Week 4 – Assignment


Assistive Technology

As the Department Chair of ELL you have been offered the opportunity to receive initial funding of $250,000 to begin an assistive technology pilot for ELL students. After a year, you will have to show how the assistive technology has improved learning and language development.

In this assignment you will choose an assistive technology and do the following:

FIRST: Research the unit cost of the technology, how much training is needed, how much maintenance and also look at recent articles, statistics. If possible, interview a business rep for the product or local education administrator who has this product in use.

SECOND: Select a school district from the School District Demographics System – Map Viewer and use the demographics of your chosen school district to address the following. Please provide a thorough description of the district you have chosen.  The paper must be three to five pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.

  • Explain the type of assistive technology that will best meet the needs of your specific district’s demographics
  • Identify how the assistive technology is sold (Individually for each student, licensed per computer, a package for one district, etc…)
  • Address the individual cost as well as the total cost (support this information with citations and documentation)
  • Identify who will receive the training. (all teachers  only ELL teachers, etc…)
  • Explain how and when training will be provided for the teachers.  
  • At the conclusion of the year, how will you measure student success?
  • What are your ideal benchmarks and target goals throughout the year?

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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