Edu 659 week 4 complete (discussion 1, discussion 2 & assignment)

Week 4 – Discussion 1


“If you find yourself saying ‘But I can’t speak English…’, try adding the word ‘…yet”
 Jane Revell & Susan Norman (Authors)

A typical ‘resource class’ (also known as a self-contained setting) may have 15 students in the class; nine who are native Spanish speakers, three who are Hmong, two from Russia. These students would normally have been placed in the 3rd grade, based upon their age; however, only the three Hmong students have any formal schooling.

Choose one of the specific teaching strategies that you think best meets the needs of these students from General Education and Special Education Teachers Collaborate to Support English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities. Once you have selected a teaching strategy, conduct your own independent, in-depth research.

In your discussion forum, please explain what kind of assessment you would use and why you feel the assessment ideally measures what the strategy is designed to do.

Guided Response:  Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least three.  Make sure to choose teaching strategies that are different than the one you’ve chosen.  Add to the information your classmate has posted on that strategy and assessment, including additional ways the posted strategy and assessment may be helpful for students who are ELL and LD and what assistive technology might be incorporated into that strategy to make it more effective.


Week 4 – Discussion 2


Best Practices Discussion

After viewing
English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities evaluate at least five best practices to support learning for ELL students who also have a learning disability including two additional resources to support your findings.

Guided Response: Read your classmates’ posts and respond to at least three. Assume the role of a special educator while reviewing the best practices evaluated; how can each be modified to better meet the needs of an inclusion classroom keeping in mind whole-class implementation of UDL?

Week 4 – Assignment

Assistive Technology

As the Department Chair of ELL you have been offered the opportunity to receive initial funding of $250,000 to begin an assistive technology pilot for ELL students. After a year, you will have to show how the assistive technology has improved learning and language development.

In this assignment you will choose an assistive technology and do the following:

FIRST: Research the unit cost of the technology, how much training is needed, how much maintenance and also look at recent articles, statistics. If possible, interview a business rep for the product or local education administrator who has this product in use.

SECOND: Select a school district from the School District Demographics System – Map Viewer and use the demographics of your chosen school district to address the following. Please provide a thorough description of the district you have chosen.  The paper must be three to five pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.

  • Explain the type of assistive technology that will best meet the needs of your specific district’s demographics
  • Identify how the assistive technology is sold (Individually for each student, licensed per computer, a package for one district, etc…)
  • Address the individual cost as well as the total cost (support this information with citations and documentation)
  • Identify who will receive the training. (all teachers  only ELL teachers, etc…)
  • Explain how and when training will be provided for the teachers.  
  • At the conclusion of the year, how will you measure student success?
  • What are your ideal benchmarks and target goals throughout the year?

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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