Edu 671 week 6 final action research proposal



Topic: Parental Involvement In Education


Age Group: Preschoolers




The final project for this course is an Action Research Proposal, which will be created and shared in the form of a formal presentation in PowerPoint, including detailed speaker notes for each content slide. The purpose of the final project is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by demonstrating the ability to effectively present an Action Research Proposal.

As you create the presentation, imagine that you are given approximately ten minutes to present this information to your fellow teachers in your school during a staff development day, to your school board to solicit support for their ideas, or to your managers as part of your organization’s continuous improvement program. Your goals are to gain approval to conduct this study and implement your proposed innovation or intervention in your place of work.

To create your presentation, use your current, updated action research plan outline that was originally submitted during Week Four. Additionally, you may want to use your mock presentation from Week Five as well as the feedback acquired from your classmates in the discussion forum to build an improved, more complete presentation for a wider, more important audience.

The assignment needs to include the following areas of content.


  • Presentation – Design (6.5 points): Create a presentation that is professionally designed in 15 to 20 slides, including title and references slides, and has no more than seven bullet points per slide and no more than seven words per point. You must use images to add value to the slide content and high-contrast colors for readability and include detailed speaker notes for each content slide.
  • Presentation – Content (12 points): In addition to a title and references slide, the presentation must include the following twelve areas:


1.      Area of Focus,


2.      Explanation of Problem,


3.      Variables, including defined factors, contexts, including recognition of diverse learners, and variables of the proposed study,


4.      Research Questions, which are answerable given your expertise, time, and resources,


5.      Locus of Control,


6.      Intervention/Innovation, which is a succinct description of the proposed action to address the identified issue/area of focus,


7.      Group Membership, including the identified importance, role, and responsibility of each member,


8.      Negotiations, including potential obstacles (e.g., permissions established),


9.      Ethics, including a statement of how you address the potential ethical challenges,


10.  Timeline, which is the anticipated schedule for each phase of the intervention,


11.  Statement of Resources, which is a list of what is needed to enact the proposed plan, and


12.  Data Collection, including whether the proposed data collection techniques are justified and whether you are proposing appropriate data collection techniques to answer the study’s research questions (chart from Week Three may be used here).


Written Communication
The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication.


  • APA Formatting (0.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (0.5 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.
  • Source Requirement (0.5 points): Use no less than three scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook, providing compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.


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