Edu543 module 1 for fortified

Module 1 Case

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After reading the articles for Module 1, you should have a good idea of technology-based learning in both educational and business contexts. Throughout the course you will need to identify your intended audience for applying the technology-based learning activities.

Once you have competed the readings, you should have a good indication of the trends in technology-based education. You will need to summarize and synthesize these trends for the case assignment.

Case Assignment

Read all the articles in the background section. Take notes and be able to discuss the main points from each author. Based on your reading and interpreting the authors’ main points, you must write a 4- to 5-page essay that addresses the following points:

  • Discuss the current trends in technology-based learning in the instructional field.
  • Assess the utility and efficacy of technology-based learning.

Module 1 SLP


The Session Long Project for this course requires students to develop a Technology-Based Learning Compendium*. This compendium will consist of a series of web-based resources and scholarly readings addressing various aspects of technology-based learning. Think of a compendium as a list or a brief summary of a larger work that you are creating. Each entry in your compendium will contain detailed information – including an annotated bibliography, and analysis and synthesis of research data. As you continue your career, you should add other resources as you discover them. This SLP should continue to expand beyond this course.

* Compendium = a brief summary of content related to a specific issue; a list or inventory of items related to a particular subject area.

The following topics will be included in your Compendium, and each topic will be completed as you progress through the five modules during the Session Long Project:

Module 1 – Current Trends in Technology-based Learning

Module 2 – Learner Readiness

Module 3 – Learning Management Systems

Module 4 – Future Learning Technologies

The following information will be presented for each module topic:

  • Complete reference information – APA style.
  • Synthesis of key points/ideas presented via each resource.
  • How this resource can assist you with your e-learning needs.
  • Utility of key points/ideas with respect to the e-learning

Module 1  Discussion


Explore the literature to discover current trends in technology-based learning. Identify 2 “research” articles, and 2 “popular” publications (i.e., newspapers or magazines) and describe your findings. Discuss your assessment of one of the discovered trends. Have you experienced the phenomenon? What do you think its shelf life will be?

You will need to respond to or evaluate three peer postings, with at least a 125-word response, which will cause you and your peers to generate creative ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP.

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