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This writing assignment compares and contrasts how to assess content in training and education, with an emphasis on how to select content to be assessed in education.

Complete the following in a Word Document.
Step 1: Reflect on the objectives.
Take a moment and review your Week One Assignment, as well as any feedback from your instructor. How well do they represent the areas of education and training?

Step 2: Modify objectives.
Modify the objectives you created in your Week One Assignment so that you have two objectives for education and at least one for training. Be sure to label them, paying special attention to the objectives for education.

Step 3: Describe attributes of education and training objectives.
For each of the objectives you modified in Step 2, describe the characteristics that make them representative of learning in the areas of education and training. How does the content that the objectives are based on differ? How are they the same?

Step 4: Located content that aligns to your objectives.
For each objective locate a resources that aligns to the objective. For example, if you had an objective for students to be able to state the differences between plants and animals, then you could find a website for students to view that might clearly show the differences between plants and animals.

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