Effect of Abortion Laws on Healthcare

The recent movement in the US for liberalization of state abortion laws encompasses a great variety of issues whose supporters and opponents vary depending on specific issues. For example:Some groups back reform in hopes of lowering welfare costs or because reform means removing government control from an area of private decision; other groups back reform for entirely different reasons.Men may support reform for pecuniary selfish or for altruistic humanitarian reasons.Women back it in self-interest or concern for family stability.Physicians, clergy and other interest groups support or oppose liberalization with no group uniformly aligned on one side or the other.A partial listing of some of the issues that arise from time to time in the abortion debate include the following:Fetus’ “right to life”,Pluralistic society, separation of church and state.Promiscuity and “punishment” for sexual activity.Physicians right to practice medicine.Hospital personnel’s sensitivity to participation in the process.Pick one of these abortion reform issues, or choose your own, for your topic in this Week’s Discussion Board.In your Initial Post, which requires 3 credible references, please compose a narrow Problem Identification statement and include a compelling Background, Landscape, 3 to 5 Options and a Recommendation as you teach the class what you expect the impact and effect of abortion laws on healthcare quality will be in the state where you live.


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