Effectiveness Of Advertising

OverviewThe case describes an experiment designed to measure the effectiveness of an online display advertising campaign. After running the campaign for their client, Rocket Fuel’s analysts are tasked with proving that the campaign was effective and had a positive return on investment (ROI). The experiment involves randomly assigning Internet users to a test or a control group based on cookies that uniquely identify each user visiting a site where Rocket Fuel can place an ad. Users in the test group see an ad for a newly released handbag by TaskaBella, Rocket Fuel’s client. Users in the control group are shown a public service announcement (PSA) that is unrelated to the advertised product. Based on the unique IDs, Rocket Fuel is able to track which user eventually purchased a handbag from TaskaBella, allowing the analysts to discern the effectiveness of the campaign. A detailed data set is provided with the case that allows students to conduct their own analysis.Prepare a case analysis discussion that addresses the key issues, reports key data findings, and clearly connects the evidence to recommendations. Review the Case Study Process guidelines in the Pre-work Module for a refresher on preparing a case analysis report. Write for an audience of senior decision-makers at Rocket Fuel who are familiar with the initiative but who are not familiar with the data, analysis, or methods. As part of your final case analysis include at least two data visualizations supporting your analysis.*********** MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THESE IN THE PARAGRAPHS******Additional questions to help you in developing your case analysis.1. Was the advertising campaign effective? Did additional consumers convert as a result of the ad campaign?2. Was the campaign profitable?3. How did the number of impressions seen by each user influence the effectiveness of advertising?4. How does consumer response to advertising vary on different days fo the week and at different times of the day?


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