Electoral College System

Post at least three pictures of Frieze patterns you see or encounter on a daily basis. Determine which symmetries are present in the photos you uploadedMath and the Different Forms of ArtDiscuss how is Math used in the different forms of art (literature arts, visual arts, and performing). Do you think Math is a vital tool in learning, understanding, and appreciating arts?Voting MethodsModule 9 talks about different voting methods. In relation to this, answer the following questions:1. Which do you think is the best voting method for thePhilippines and why?2. The US presidential election was held over a year ago. The US uses the Electoral College System. Do you thinkthis can be applied to the Philippines when we choose our president? Why or why not?3. Lastly, the US votes for the president andvice president as a tandem (i.e., the president and vice president are NOT voted separately. Do you think this will be a better set-up for the Philippines? Why or why not?


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