Emergency Management Agency

After reading the text book chapters 8 and 9 on Response and Recovery,Write a summary describing what the role of the “local” Emergency Management Agency is, or should be during these 2 pahses of the disaster cycle. Write at least a one paragraph summary with appropriate referencesBrenda D. Phillips, D. M. (2017). Introduction to Emergency Management. In D. M. Brenda D. Phillips, Introduction to Emergency Management (p 142). CRC Press.Phases of Emergency Management FEMA https://www.hsdl.org/view&did=488295#:~:text=The%20goal%20of%20recovery%20is,rebuilding%20community%20facilities%20and%20housing.Animals in Disasters FEMAhttps://training.fema/gov/animals-in-disasterPre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for Local Governments (2017).  FEMA


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