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  1. Research business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, or law journals; locate stories that are relevant to the study of Employment Law.


  1. Select five quotes from five different articles and type out the quote, the speaker, and the source.  The quotes must be from 2011 to present day.
    1. The quote should be an actual quotation by a speaker who is identified, not simply a sentence from the article as written by the reporter/writer.
    2. The quotes must be from 2011 to present day and varied to address 5 different subjects.
    3. Evaluation of the paper will be based on relevance, substance, variety, sources, recency. See below for details.
    4. Citations must be complete so that the source can be located.


  1. For each quote, write 2 paragraphs explaining the relevance to employment law.
    1. Paper should include the quotes, speakers, sources, and explanatory paragraphs for each


 “Relevance” means that the topic discussed directly related to an Employment Law issue.


“Substance” means that the reader will be able to understand what the issue being discussed is about, or what the speaker meant by the quote. “‘We stand by our policy’, said the CEO” is NOT a quote of substance.


“Variety” means that the quotes are on a variety of topics, not all on racial discrimination or labor relations, for example. 


“Sources” means that the publication is a recognized business publication, newspaper, magazine, journal, etc., and means that different sources and topics are used (not just one periodical, and certainly not just one issue).



“Recency” means that the stories quoted can be considered current.

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