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 Paper #4 – Source-Based Argument Essay

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Your final formal writing assignment is a research essay on a topic of  your choosing. Your idea must be approved before you begin. The essay  should be typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins, using Times New Roman  font (12 pt). It must be in MLA format, using in-text citations with a  Works Cited Page. You must cite at least three scholarly sources. Your  sources may be books, journal or newspaper articles, scientific studies,  and internet resources. Limit yourself to no more than one webpage  (though you may use as many peer-reviewed journals accessed online as  you want), and make sure it is reliable. This means it must have 1) an  identifiable expert as author, 2) an unbiased sponsor or publisher, 3)  currency, and 4) credible sources.  

The most essential part of crafting a research paper is to devise a  clear and relevant research question. Start with an issue and develop  several questions you have about it. Once you have a good list of  questions, pick the one (or two) that would be the most interesting to  you. Answer your question to help direct your research, BUT don’t allow  your preconceptions of the project to keep you from interesting  information that might change your initial idea. Be flexible and treat  your initial idea like a scientific hypothesis that needs evidence to be  proven. 

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