Eng122: module 2 essay with citations

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To prepare for writing this report, review and take notes on the following:

Purdue OWL Web page about formal diction: “Appropriate Language”
“Exploration of Formal Diction”
Video, YouTube: Formal Writing
“Exploration of MLA Citations”
Podcast: “Exploration of MLA Citations”
Interactive Video: “Internet Detective”
Interactive Video, MLA Citations: You Quote It, You Note It!


Introduction: Describe the nature of the modern human trafficking; give readers sufficient background and explanations so they are prepared to enter the world of your topic.  End your Introduction paragraph with a sentence that identifies your idea for the best feasible solution and/or path forward for societies.

Body: For your Body paragraphs, explore and discuss the entanglements of the problem and some of the steps that have been tried, so far, to solve the problem of modern human trafficking.  Discuss why previous attempts aimed at solving or alleviating the problem, i.e., boycotting, etc., have not worked or have been insufficient.  Discuss a feasible solution or path forward for societies.  In each paragraph, cite all sources you used for outside information using MLA parenthetical references.

Conclusion: Your Conclusion paragraph should sum up your problem statement and the best feasible solution or path forward that you identified in the Body of your essay.  Studies show that readers tend to remember conclusions better than any other part of a report, so you want to be clear, accurate, engaging, and emphatic in restating the critical points you want your readers to remember.  
Diction: Use only formal diction, including only 3rd person, and use college-level basic writing skills.
Source Usage: Use only summaries and paraphrases of source information.  Do not quote; instead, interpret source information and present it using only your own words, to demonstrate your understanding of the issues.

Citations: Include MLA-style parenthetical (in-text) references in your paragraphs to cite source ideas.  Include an MLA Works Cited page (your bibliography page) as the last page of your report, and include the complete URL for each online article.  Both types of citations are mandatory to help you credit your sources and to avoid plagiarism.
MLA Research Style: Follow the report model template, “Student Report Model with Citations,” [attached, below] for content and format, including MLA research style.  Only the MLA research style will be eligible for course credit.  
Citation Assistance: You are advised to follow the MLA citation guidelines presented in this course, as they have been approved for accuracy.  If you use a citation machine or template for additional assistance, be sure to compare outside citation tools to the MLA guidelines presented in this course for accuracy; citation machines and templates often contain many serious errors and can be unreliable as stand-alone citation guidelines. Also, do *not* copy and paste directly from a citation tool.  Instead, type your citations in place manually, in all formal reports for this course.  

Your paper should be 2-3 pages (no more/no less), not including the Works Cited page.
Format your report according to the MLA report format guidelines as summarized in the MLA format guidelines and as demonstrated in the “Student Report Model with Citations” [attached below] sample report.
Insert an MLA-style internal report heading in the upper left corner of your first page and a descriptive report title that reflects content in your report (not the name of the assignment) centered above your first paragraph.
Insert an MLA name/page header in the upper right corner of each page.
Double-space all lines; omit extra line spacing between paragraphs, etc.
Use a 12-point font size and one consistent standard font style, no bold.
Use 1-inch margins on all sides.
Insert MLA parenthetical (in-text) references at the end of sentences and paragraphs after each use information from your e-sources, like this: (Smith).
Insert an MLA Works Cited page as the last page of your paper. The Works Cited page does not count toward your required paper length.

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